I discovered photography through the husband of my personal drawing teacher in 1971.
I work now with a Nikon D700 and 4 different lenses : 24/70-70/200-135 and 105 macros.
For a long time I caught special moments of my life and others'with my camera. My children and our travels shaped my favorite subjects.
My studies in journalism definitively helped and shaped my love for photo-reportage.
After a long and dry period of not focusing on my photography, I finally signed up with my first photo club in Riedisheim, (Photo club de Riedisheim) Alsace (http://pc.riedisheim.free.fr)
The advice, constructive criticism and suggestions of my fellow photographers at the club were very helpful. I then started participatingin different photography competitions with very encouraging results.
I now belong to two different clubs and I act as treasurer for one of them
(Objectif Photos of Mulhouse -  http://www.objectifphotos.net)
What draws me to the art of photography can be summarized in a few sentences :
I take photos of all that touches me, stirs my emotions, all that I love and find beautiful ; light being for me the trigger and primordial element of all shots. My attraction to human emotion is close second to the one I have for light, be it soft, drawn in fog or bursting in the snow.        Let there be light.
I would love to hear from you ! Please let me know who you are and where you are from. Thank you !